Juleah Kaliski


Astronomy and stuff.

Urban Sketching

Recently I picked up a small set of watercolors and a tiny travel sized sketchbook. To start off a new adventure in artwork. I have fallen in love with the idea of ink sketches of landscapes, cityscapes, people, buildings, and doing quick watercolors over them. Something about capturing the moment in a painting has just gripped me. Interpreting my surroundings the way that I see them and saving the moment on a color filled sheet of paper. I'll bring you guys along with me on this adventure. We can discover this world together.

I have used watercolors in the past but not in many years. So I kind of feel like I am reconnecting with a long lost friend, in a way.

Sketching out and about has always been enjoyable and a great learning curve for me. I find that I am able to try and draw new prospectives and lines that I otherwise would not encounter. There is also this sense of sharing a bit of live and love with the people and nature around me. Trying to take it all in and experience it in a different way.

So, here I go.