Juleah Kaliski


Astronomy and stuff.

Beyond Time

Time is a complex dimension.

It's a crazy and demanding beast. All things are at some point in this dimension. Some things time can fade, disappear, wither, shrink, and deform. Others can withstand traveling though this dimension.

Love, it's immune to the effects of time, it's beyond it. It passes though dimensions as if it's a form of travel and escape from all confines.

Where does love come from. What dimension, location, emotion, does it originate from? Where was this power born from to have no limits? Love restores, heals, calms, unites, creates, bonds, transforms, travels, forms, and is everlasting.

The heart of humanity ticks to love.

Sometimes the world can look void of love but think of this. Love is beyond the dimension of time, the constraint that few things can defy. If all things bend to time but love, then what can blot out love? What can chase it though dimensions to strike it down? There is always love in the world. There is so much love to be found, felt, experienced, spread, and share.

Love someone today.