Juleah Kaliski


Astronomy and stuff.

Life is crazy, funny, sad, blissful, a challenge, a learning curve.

Learning to be myself through it all is proving to be a huge lesson.

It's easy to conform to my surroundings whatever they may be. But then that's not me.

But why should do we have to be ourselves? Why cant we all just blend in and be what others want from us? At times that's just so much easier.

I don't know about you but I cringe just writing that down. We are all born to be us, to be individuals. It's societies dogmas and preconceptions that teach us otherwise.

It's those who cast the boxes and molds aside that make the discoveries, write the songs, paint the paintings, start the movements, join the marches, teach progressive thoughts. These are the people that are remembered. Whether it's because of the award they have won or the kind words that they spoke to you waiting in line.

It's the individuals who make the dents.

The world needs you to be you. No one can be you other then you. Now that may sound like a simple concept and somewhat childish but it's true. Maybe we could relearn to be children again when it comes to being ourselves. When we where young we had no shame or fear in being us. When you are not being yourself no one else is, and for a span of time there is no you on this planet. This world needs more of you.

Everyday I encounter a situation where I have to make a decision to be me. Sometimes it's as easy as breathing and other times it gives me cold sweats but that just how life works. Those are the kinds of feelings and emotions that remind me I am alive. Ride those waves of emotions like a boat in the sea. It's all a part of being you.

These walls of water are some of the biggest learning curves that I've ridden. Now as life goes on this statement will most likely change. But for now I'm a captain of this crazy star seeking pirate ship of my heart.

Shamelessly be you. Who ever you are and whatever that looks like. It's one of the most important things you can do.

Make "be me" your anthem and see what happens.