Juleah Kaliski


Astronomy and stuff.

Apollo 15 Lunar Module


It started with an envelope. I was sending a letter out to a friend and sketched the Command and Service Module in orbit around the moon. IMG_2232

Posted a photo of the letter on Instagram and someone said they would love a tee like that. So, I drew up a design of it.

I have been wanting to created a matching tee of the Lunar Module to go along with it. The lunar module is the actual lander wich landed on the moons surface and brought astronauts David R. Scott and James B. Irwin.

My drawing of is based off of the 1971 Apollo 15 Lunar Module the Falcon. I used this photo from the NASA Apollo photo archives to draw off of for the Falcon.

So now it's a duo team of both the Service and Command Module and the Lunar Module.

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