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Behind the scenes of Space Rocks


You could say I am going through a retro phase.

It was late one night and I was totally stuck on a design that I was working that I just couldn't get the way I wanted. So in an attempt to clear my head and try something fresh I went back to paper. Pulled out my sketchbook and just started drawing whatever came to mind and the next and the next, so on and so forth until I got all my pent up drawing frustration out. That is where this design was born.

I was kind of going for a 50's - 60's neon sign feel. I feel like a lot of the modern graphic design mimics a lot of the design lines of that era. There is something about mixing the old with the new that just really makes me keep coming back to it. This kind of sci-fi feel. Like what would have happened if we had advanced spacecraft's and space travel back in the 50's.

For this design I was definitely inspired by old diner signs and Hard Rock Cafe. Some mashup of retro, rock, and sci-fi.

Mixing these ideas together I sketched out my design and then later digitized it and got this.

Making a perfect nerdy space rock tee.

Alright so that's a bit of my design process and my thoughts behind this design. I would love to hear what you think about it.

This design is available for sale in my Threadless shop.