Juleah Kaliski


Astronomy and stuff.

Just Breath


As a makers we need breaks.

Give yourself a moment to refill. You are the well that the ink of creation comes from. Sometimes we hit those places where it's just completely dried up and we cannot come up with any good ideas. That's a giant, blinking, neon sign telling us to go take a break.

A lot of times in that moment it feels like our time is ticking away, the wall clock grows immensely loud and that idea just won't come. We have been pushing out all of our creativity into our work and now it's gone. We have spent so much time striving that the idea of taking a break and watching more time pass by seems ridiculous.

No, we tell our selves that we just need to push through, turn the music up a little louder. You need that new idea, just push past the wall. In some cases pushing works but a lot of times it's as easy as walking around the table a few times, doing jumping jacks, or sitting outside for five minutes.

I find that when I come back to my piece, writing, website, whatever it is that I'm working on, I am able to view it in a way that I wasn't able to before. Usually something comes to me. It might not be the idea I wanted but at the very least I get a new perspective.

Brakes can be taking the whole week off to literally just closing her eyes, taking a breath, and thinking about something completely different for 30 seconds.

Give yourself the liberty for breaks. You just need them, that's how it goes. It's ok.

We save more time by taking a break then all of that striving and pushing.

For me letting go can be hard and I find that once I loosen my grasp a bit and let myself and my work breath, then we both can come alive a just little more.

Let yourself live and remember to breath. I know you've got this.