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The Story Behind "Burglars Mark" Tee.

I drew this design over a year ago in my sketch book. It came about because I was doing some Lord of the Rings research when I stumbled over the one of J.R.R. Tolkien's sketches of Bag End.

So I read Reddit threads and blog posts about this single sketch. I discovered that in the films the mark that Gandalf scratches into Bilbo's green door of Bag End to let the coming dwarves know that it was the home of a burglar for hair is depicted very differently in the films the Tolkien had intended. This pulled me into a very nerdy hole of research. I ended up sketching out my own version of Tolkien's sketch. Then I digitized my drawing and turned it into a tee design. That way other Tolkien nerds or Ringers could show off their nerdy pride.

This is the inscription tha Gandalf scratched onto Bilbo's freshly painted door at Bag End that J.R.R. Tolkien had intended. The three characters in the middle are Futhorc, otherwise known as Runes used in Old English. The top character is "B" which stands for "Burglar". The middle one is "D" which represents "Danger" or "Excitement". The last is actually not a Rune but a Diamond which represents a "Reward".

So there you have it. The real mark that Gandalf put onto Bilbo's door. Beginning such a great adventure.

In my design behind the runes I drew wood. Like Bilbo's door. In the border I filled it with flowers and plants just like Bag End is surrounded by flower gardens. The Celtic knots filling the runs themselves are a mixture of my style into the drawing.

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