Juleah Kaliski


Astronomy and stuff.

The Heart of an Astronaut


Every story I have heard form an astronaut, wether an interview, biography, documentary, social media post, or songs they have written, they all have a common thread.

When they leave our Earth, filled with turmoil, war, fear, love, peace, family, politics, boundaries, faiths, beliefs, beauty, protests, and so much complication, they look back at our beautiful home, Earth, and all of that melts away. They see it all, at once. Life and death, all in that moment. All of humanity and all cultures as one. Living together, on one planet,

our small and beautiful planet.

They say that any and all reasons for war and hatred fade and seem simply pointless.

All of those politics, boundaries, and differences just vanish into a mist and they get this profound love for people and our home.

We are all closer together then we think and have way more in common then we want to believe.

No matter how much we study and learn about humanity and all that it holds we can't truly get the prospective that astronauts get, when they look out onto our world for the first time.

How beautiful we all truly are.

We might not have the opportunity to go to space and cast our gaze back on home but we can see beauty. No matter where we are. There is beauty, so much beauty.

We have this spectacular planet. Remember how astonishing it really is. So that moment when you stop to look at the beautiful sunset, see a butterfly pass by, wake up to a snow fall, fall asleep to bugs and frogs cheeping, remember how marvelous they are.

Sometimes it's hard to push past all of the day to day feelings and work but just as marvelous as those sunsets are humanity is even more. All of those smiles and hugs go a long way. They help boost your own mood and you never know how many more people just needed that little bit of happiness in there day.

Spread the love.

Humanity might be complicated, inside out, confused, lost, but it's truly beautiful. Please remember that and pass that beauty on.

Love someone today.