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Why I Really Want To Win This

If you follow on any social media you would have seen me posting about this competition that mt designs are in. If you haven't yet then even better. VotingBanner

So here is a little more info about it, why i want to win, and how you can help.

I entered several of my drawings/designs into a Threadless competition and they all got accepted! The design competition's theme is "Science" so I submitted my space designs.

Here is why I really want to win and am writing to you:

  • The winners will get their design picked up by a T-shirt company and get a percent of each sale.
  • $1,000 cash
  • $500 store credit
  • Featured as a designer on their online store

Cool right?!

To win I need to get a minimum of 200 votes on a design and the art team has to approve of the design. Voting on my designs has been open for only a day and so far I am doing well but I need support for this to happen.

Ok, so what I am basically asking for is your vote. You can vote on as many of my designs as you want to. It only takes a minute and is totally free. Seriously I made this whole thing sound like a really big deal because it is to me, but voting is super simple.

Click the VOTE NOW button bellow > Click on one of my designs > click the "5" > sign up with an email > and voila! Now you can vote to your heart's content.


If you would want to support me even more, spread the word by sharing this link and saying to vote.

SHARE LINK (same one as above): https://www.threadless.com/@Juleah%20Kaliski

I am really passionate about my work and am not afraid to reach out to others when I really stand behind something. I am sooo grateful for and appreciate any and all support that I get hand have gotten.

Thank you in advance 💗