Juleah Kaliski


Astronomy and stuff.

The Scale of Kindness

We are both so small and so large at the same time.

When it comes down to scale, like literal size. We are so minute and miniscule it's incomprehensible in comparison to the vast universe. It's funny how we are incapable in comprehending our own scale even though we live in our own skin. Funny enough it's because we have a hard time comprehending anything other then our own size. We have no scale to measure ourselves to expect ourselves. That makes us unable to measure ourselves. Really convoluted, I know.

At the same time our lives are so huge. One small act that we do in the day can cause a chain reaction on the grand scale. Opening a door for someone to buying someone a house.

Kindness is so powerful that it doesn't matter how inconsequential small we are.

The power that kindness and love holds is beyond any boundaries of size or matter but is universal in every way possible.

One of the greatest things we can do is be kind and love one another.

Measured next to any other grand force or concept we shrink and pale in comparison. But when we are given kindness and love we only grow expand and grow.

Show some kindness today. Wether it's holding the elevator door for someone or giving someone a coffee. Remember those small acts of kindness are never in anyway small. Spread the love we all have it inside of us.