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Designing "I Like Pluto"

ILikePlutoTee I have been spending a lot of time on my Instagram as of late. For a long time I neglected it and would just post every few weeks so that my account didn't look dead, lol. I started to bring it back to life and communicate and connect with people there. For about a month now I have been really trying to take Instagram seriously as a platform to connect and with and grow an audience.

I have found a great community supportive on Instagram and am really starting to enjoy the people that I have met. While brainstorming and sketching out ideas for my next nerdy tee design a bit of Instagram came to mind.

I also feel like we put so much value on our numbers on social media. How many Likes, Followers, Comments we can get. It's almost like an emotional currency.

If only Pluto could get enough Likes maybe it could become a planet again.

To me this design is two fold. It portrays how we show affection and connection on the Internet, through Likes and at the same time is shows us how Likes don't really filter into our realities. It's all really how we perceive them. Please understand when I am saying this that I am not saying I don't like social media or Likes and Comments. On the contrary I really enjoy all of the good and encouragement that it can bring to our lives. I can totally get swept up in the numbers.

Ok, so i just went super deep with this lighthearted cute design. Just thought I'd write down my thoughts while creating this design. What are your thoughts about all of this, social media and how it has affected your life?

I would love to connect on Instagram, you can find my profile HERE.

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