Juleah Kaliski


Astronomy and stuff.

Being Feminine and Bold

When I first opened my online shop I wanted have a collection of well balance designs that would be fairly unisex in nature. So any tee could work on anyone. But the more I sketched ideas and drew up designs I found I was having a hard time achieving this. Each time I would draw my ideas they were just more on the feminine side. No matter how much I tried. So I finally just went with it, because dang it that's just my style as an artist so why fight it?The more I worked the more I realized that I really liked that the designs where more on the feminine side. There are not a whole lot of science based apparel that are feminine. So why hold back with the flowers? Now my goal is to make apparel that astronomers, astrophysicists, engineers, planetary scientists would wear and feel feminine in.

Because being feminine is being strong, bold, smart, and brave.

I think that there is a huge sigma on the word feminine.

Just because you are feminine doesn't mean you can't like metal work, motorcycles, rockets, explosives, and science.

You can be both feminine and tough and bold. Never be ashamed to say that you are feminine, if that's you then that the best way to be.