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Behind the scenes of Cassini-Huygens


Here's a little bit about my latest graphic tee design. My thought process and personal reasons for the design. Kinda like behind the scenes.

Why a banner around a spacecraft?

Recently I have been updating the images on my shop to have my tees delayed on models. I have been drawing banners behind the each model purely because I like the aesthetic.

I have been having fun playing around with different kinds of banners and I believe that's how this idea first came to me To combine this kind of block bring style floating banner with a very sci-fi look of the spacecraft.

I sketched out some ideas. As drawing I realized why not do a mini series in this style? So you will be seeing a few designs coming out like this in the coming weeks.

Why Cassini?

Cassini is one of my favorite spacecrafts because of the mind-blowing images it sends to us of Saturn. Saturn is a treasure trove of interesting moons and beautiful sights. Saturn is one of those planets that I see photos of and just marvel at its beauty. Thanks to Cassini I am able to experience that wonder. So why not Cassini?

About Cassini-Huygens

  • Cassini is the fourth space probe to visit Saturn.
  • Cassini's the first probe to enter Saturn's orbit.
  • Mission duration: 19 years and 289 days from launch.
  • Launch mass: 12,593 lbs (5,712 kg)
  • Rocket: Titan IV (401)B B-33
  • Huygens was a lander for the moon Titan.
  • Huygens separated from Cassini and landed on Titan January 14th, 2014 and successful sent data back to Earth.
  • Huygens was the first landing accomplished in the outer Solar System.
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