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That bugger called Procrastination


Multitasking is the word of the day.

I have got a whole lot going on all at once and learning to balance them and prioritize it all is key for me and I definitely haven't figured it out yet. But sometimes procrastination just slips onto my list.
I have to remind myself to keep pushing. To be a winner I've got to act like a winnner. So taking one step at a time no mater how tiny they are is so important for me.
Sometimes my "to-do lists" gets super simple just so I can keep track of myself and make sure I don't fall back into procrastination all over again.

When I have so many things swirling around in my head, so many ideas, thought, and plans. I find it's harder to get any of them done. So once I pick one to focus on I find that I am able to start, then I can add another and another and before I know it I'm multitasking all the things I was procrastinating over.

I know you guys are winners

You have it in you to step out and get what you want done. It's just about doing it. Sounds super simple but it not as simple as it sounds.
Follow your dreams and your heart. You will know what needs to be done and once you start you'll figure out how to do it. Even if that means completely winging it.
Chase those dreams dreamers.