Juleah Kaliski



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"Sharing my love for the cosmos one byte at a time"

I'm Juleah Kaliski, a graphic designer, artist, and amateur astronomer who resides in sunny California. I create fashionable tees for the modern astronomer and space nerd.
As an independent artist I strive to create designs that are a combination of fashionable and scientific that have a bold and proud statement. I want to bring styles that any astronomer, engineer, planetary scientist, and space fan would love and feel good in. For you to put on one of my designs and feel empowered about who you are and what you love, that’s what I want to create.

I believe in spreading positivity and inspiration through astronomy and art. β€œSciArt” and β€œSTEAM” outreach is important to me and I love to spread the word and share info with others as much as I can. Whether it’s making a funny astronomy fact video, sharing my astrophotography of the sky, or sketching sci-fi inspired  ink drawings. To do my part in inspiring others to follow their dreams, weather the are in the stars or in paints.


As an artist I am fascinated by how art can tell a story, a single drawing can hold so much meaning and symbolism to a person, culture, country, time. The depth to art is never ending much like the cosmos.